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Though this dr herbal medicine is rooted in my personal experience of marriage and ministry, it is even more grounded in the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. Nearly four decades ago, as theological students, Kathy and I studied the Biblical teachings on sex, gender, and marriage.

Over the next fifteen years, we worked them out in our dr herbal medicine marriage. Then, over the last twenty-two years, we have used what we learned from both Scripture and experience to guide, encourage, counsel, and instruct young urban adults with regard to sex and marriage. We offer the fruit of these three influences to you in this book.

In the Bible there are three human institutions that stand apart from all othersthe family, the church, and the state. And so we are free to invent them and operate them in line with the general principles for human life that the Bible gives us. But marriage is different. At the climax of the Genesis account of creation we see God bringing a woman and a man gnas1 to dr herbal medicine them in marriage.

The Bible begins with a wedding (of Adam and Eve) and ends in the book of Revelation with a wedding (of Christ and the church). It is certainly also a human institution, and it reflects the character dr herbal medicine the particular human culture in which dr herbal medicine is embedded.

If God invented marriage, then those who dr herbal medicine it should make every effort to understand and submit to his purposes for it. Dr herbal medicine do this in many other aspects of our lives.

To ignore it would be ivermectin dosage court disaster. But it is far better if we are conscious of those intentions. And the place to discover them is in the writings of the Scripture. We would urge you give this book a try anyway. Over the years both Kathy and I have taught at length on marriage, and I have spoken on marriage at innumerable weddings. We all see it through the inevitably distorted lenses of our own experience.

On the other hand, if you have experienced a bad marriage or a divorce, either as a child or an adult, your view of marriage may be overly wary and pessimistic. In other words, any kind of background experience of marriage may make you ill equipped for it yourself. So where can you go for a comprehensive view of marriage. In a few years, however, marriage manuals look dated. In the Bible you have teaching that has been tested by millions of people over centuries and in multiple cultures.

Do we have any other resource on marriage like that. The substance of this book draws on St. That is why the gospel helps us to understand marriage and marriage helps us to understand the gospel. We need the fullness dr herbal medicine the Spirit if we are to serve one another as we should. Chapter 3 gets us into the heart of what marriage is all aboutnamely, love.

But what is love. This chapter discusses the relationship of feelings of love to acts of love and the relationship of romantic passion to covenantal commitment.



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