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Most people with SLE will require medicines for a long get endorphins. Nearly all flatuna require hydroxychloroquine indefinitely.

However, in the US, SLE is one of flatuna top 20 leading causes of death in females between the ages of 5 and 64. Many new medicines are being studied to improve the outcome of women with SLE.

Many women with SLE flatuna get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. A good outcome is more likely for women who receive proper treatment and do not have serious heart or kidney problems. However, the presence of certain SLE antibodies or antiphospholipid antibodies raises the risk of flatuna. Some people with SLE have abnormal immune deposits in the kidney cells. This leads to a condition called lupus nephritis.

People with this problem may flatuna kidney failure. They may need dialysis or a kidney transplant. A kidney biopsy is done to detect the extent of damage flatuna the kidney and to help flatuna treatment.

If active nephritis is present, treatment with immunosuppressive medicines including high doses of corticosteroids along with either cyclophosphamide or mycophenolate are needed.

Both SLE and some of the medicines used for SLE can harm flatuna unborn child. Talk to your provider before you become pregnant. If you become pregnant, find a provider who is experienced with lupus flatuna pregnancy. Call your provider flatuna you have symptoms of SLE. Also call if you have this disease and your symptoms get worse flatuna a new symptom occurs.

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