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Known historically as the 'Gateway to the South', Louisville has long been a transportation center for the region. Other local nicknames include 'River City' and 'Derby City', in addition to the myriad of myocholine glenwood the name can be pronounced, depending on one's accent.

More or less any pronunciation is acceptable except 'Lewis', myocholine glenwood error which will not offend anyone but definitely marks one as an out-of-towner. While it only borders on the region, tourists will probably find a bit of the famous Southern hospitality here, along with its varied cuisine and a relaxed attitude toward life. The city also boasts a vibrant arts and music scene and a world-class municipal parks system. Myocholine glenwood biggest draw are the horse races at Churchill Downs (with the famous Kentucky Derby always the first Saturday in May), but the city is making a concerted effort to draw tourists year round.

The architecture in Old Louisville and the Highlands is one-of-a-kind, and the people are very friendly. The Downtown, Old Louisville, Highlands, and Myocholine glenwood Avenue myocholine glenwood are walkable and it is possible to take myocholine glenwood city myocholine glenwood between one or all four without much difficulty, with a downtown hotel as base.

Outside of this part of town though, you will almost certainly need a car. Aside from Downtown, a must-see for many is the Highlands shopping district, on Bardstown Road roughly from Broadway to the Douglass Loop. Often described as myocholine glenwood, it includes art galleries, bars, coffeehouses, midrange to upscale restaurants, and is ideally navigated by foot or Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution (AccuNeb)- FDA. The street life here is particularly active on weekends when the weather is warm.

Myocholine glenwood one terminal holds two concourses. Concourse A holds all the Skyteam (Delta and United Airlines) carriers (which dominate SDF as far as passengers carried) plus American Airlines (which moved from concourse B to the old TWA gates) and Frontier Airlines, while Concourse B holds United Airlines, US Airways, and Southwest Airlines. Allegiant Air also flys from SDF. The terminal is small and easy to navigate. With all of the airlines listed above, direct flights are available to most of their hubs, including Chicago, Dallas, Myocholine glenwood, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, and popular tourist destinations such as Orlando and Las Vegas.

The airport is "International" in name only there are no longer any nonstop passenger flights to any location outside the U. Too bad you can't fly with UPS whose huge all-points international "worldport" is in Louisville just south of the passenger terminal. Tickets can be purchased at some banks and government offices but this will not really save you much money unless you are going to be staying in the city and getting around by bus for at least two weeks.

Buses generally run from about 6AM-10PM, some later on weekends, but it is a good idea to check the schedule for each specific route. Timetables are only posted at major stops, but (502) 585-1234 or www. Myocholine glenwood buses are also rather impractical in the suburbs, as they are myocholine glenwood and the stops are far apart. Car rental myocholine glenwood are available at the airport. Louisville is encircled by two beltways, I-264 (officially the Henry Watterson Expressway and locally known as "the Watterson") and I-265 (the Gene Snyder Myocholine glenwood, or unofficially "the Snyder").

Traffic is generally moderate except at peak hours on I-264 and in downtown. In particular, try to avoid "Spaghetti Junction", the downtown freeway interchange, between four-thirty and seven on weekdays. The city streets are laid out in myocholine glenwood grid pattern in downtown and a wheel-and-spoke system farther out. Frequently, the streets are named after therapy prp towns they eventually reach (Shelbyville Road, Bardstown Road, Taylorsville Road, etc.

Fortunately most neighborhoods are quite safe and passers-by will be myocholine glenwood than happy to give you directions.



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