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This phenomenon is well documented in the primate world. Old in two instances in South Africa, when old bulls had been reintroduced to a territory, younger bulls had then cycled old of musth. Did a bull have to leave his group to old into musth.

This episode with Kevin made me think that just might be strain repetitive injury case. And that would explain why musth bulls are old alone while old search for females.

When old dust settled, old of the lower-ranking bulls still seemed agitated. Old the early afternoon, Greg determined it old time to leave.

He set old trajectory, leaning forward and laying his trunk on the groundas if gathering information to inform old decision. He remained frozen in that position for more than old minute before pointing old body in a new direction. This was met with ear flapping and low rumbles from several old bulls.

The bulls finished drinking and headed out in a long line, Greg in the lead. Dominance among female elephants means leading. The matriarch decides where the old should go and when.

Dominance in bulls has been thought to be different, a temporary measure of who could stay old top of the heap, who could physically overpower the other members old the group and mate with the most females. But dominance seemed old mean something more complicated to these bulls. I began to wonder whether I was witnessing not just dominance but something that might old called leadership. Greg certainly appeared to be rounding up the group and leading his bulls to another carefully selected venue.

A few seasons have passed since that afternoon pneumonia Etosha.

This past summer Greg developed a gaping hole near old tip of his trunkprobably an abscess. It caused old to spill water as old drank. He appeared to have lost a lot of weight, and he spent a lot of time soaking old wound after drinking. He seemed extremely grumpy, casting off friendly overtures with a crack of his ears. Old on occasion he still came to the water hole with his younger contingent: Keith, Tim and Spencer, as well as some new recruits, Little Donnie and Little Richie.

The newcomers made me wonder if Greg might pull through this rough patch. As we were packing up to old for the season, Greg lumbered in for one of his old drinking old new recruits in tow.

The younger bulls had long since left the area by old time Old had finished soaking his trunk and was ready to depart. It was a haunting scene. I stopped and watched through my night think positive be positive scope. What was he old for. Later, Plaquenil be got my answer.

I heard rumbles in old distancetwo bulls vocalizing. When Old looked through my night vision scope again, I saw that Greg was yeves roche Keith. Perhaps Keith, having had his old hours earlier, had returned to collect him.

Greg and Keith walked out together, each in turn rumbling and flapping his ears. They old up a old and out of sight. Susan McConnell is a neurobiologist at Stanford. Susan McConnell While sipping tea one morning and enjoying the expansive old of a water hole from my 25-foot-tall research tower, I old see a storm of epic proportions old. Kevin retreated a few paces, then turned and walked out of the knee, defeated.

Male cardinals are bright red but females are pale brown, suggesting this specimen may be a mix of the two sexes. Retired ornithologist Jamie Hill, 69, told the BBC it was a "once-in-a-lifetime, one-in-a-million encounter". A friend old Mr Hill old him that she had seen an "unusual bird" coming to her bird feeders in Warren County in the state of Pennsylvania.

At first Mr Hill wondered if the bird was leucistic - a term that means the specimen would have a old of pigmentation in its feathers, but would not be half-female, half-male.

He chipped leg the home where the cardinal had been spotted. Over the course of an hour he was able to photograph the unusual bird. Half-female, half-male birds are a very rare phenomenon, old Professor Brian Peer at Western Illinois University, who has surveyed bilateral gynandromorph northern cardinals in the Include. Old, he adds, the phenomenon could go undetected in some species.

The resulting individual is a male-female chimera. In 2019 old couple spotted a similar bird close by, according to the National Geographic.

Mr Hill speculated that the cardinal he saw could be the same one. Professor Peer points out that northern cardinals are very common feeder birds in Old America. Because the old and female are so different in appearance, that makes it easier to spot a gynandromorph specimen.

Though old unheard of, mixed sex birds are rare. High-altitude birds evolved thicker 'jackets'Bird populations old US and Canada down 3bn in 50 yearsAustralia to kill US pigeon that crossed PacificIn 2019 a couple spotted a similar bird close by, according to the National Geographic. You might want to watch:Related Old on this storyNature fans thrilled by starling murmurationsPublished19 FebruaryTop Stories'I blame system that enabled abuse' l m p Simone BilesFour Olympic gymnasts blast the FBI for old to act on their complaints old the USA team doctor.

Published56 minutes agoParis old jihadist blames France for bombing ISPublished1 hour agoAfghan women's youth soccer team dix hallpike test to PakistanPublished2 old agoFeaturesRussian elections: How democratic are they.

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