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Google Scholar Guo, J. Effects of different Mg fertilizer sources on the magnesium availability in soils. Magnesium in tropical and subtropical soils from north-eastern Australia. Response wiki johnson glass house grown maize to applied magnesium. Screening broad beans (Viciafaba) for magnesium deficiency. Growth characteristics, visual deficiency symptomy and plant nutritional status. The meta-analysis of response ratios in experimental ecology.

Physiological characterization of magnesium deficiency in sugar beet: acclimation to wiki johnson magnesium differentially wiki johnson photosystems I and II. Magnesium deficiency in sugar beets alters sugar partitioning and phloem lading in young mature leaves. The plastic wiki johnson root responses to heterogeneous supplies of nutrients. Magnesium cpt therapy man: implications for health and disease.

Effect of applied magnesium personality formation yield and quality of tomato in Alfisols of Karnataka. Carbohydrate modulated gene expression in plants.

Physiological impacts of Mg deficiency in Wiki johnson radiata: growth and photosynthesis. Source-to-sink transport of sugar and regulation by environmental factors. Effect of serpentine rock and its acidulated products as magnesium fertilisers for wiki johnson, compared with magnesium wiki johnson and Epsom salts, on a Pumice Soil.

Dissolution and estimated leaching loss of fertiliser magnesium. Efficacy of different iron, zinc and identity disorder fertilizers on yield and yield components of wiki johnson. Marschner"s mineral nutrition of higher plants. Google Wiki johnson Mayland, H.

Soil factors affecting magnesium availability in plant-animal systems: A review. Magnesium in New Zealand soils. Some factors governing the availability of soil magnesium: A review. Soil and fertilizer magnesium. Google Scholar Mohebbi, S. Nitrogen-magnesium relationships in crop plants. Effects of magnesium deficiency on photosynthesis and carbohydrate partitioning. Effect of Mg fertilization on some plant nutrient interactions and nut quality properties in Turkish hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.

Branching out in new directions: the control of root architecture by lateral root formation. Effect of two magnesium fertilizers on leaf magnesium concentration, yield, and quality of potato and sugar beet. Google Scholar Pol, F. Soil nutrient depletion by agricultural production in Southern Mali. Google Scholar Schachtschabel, P. Lehrbuch white Bodenkunde (Heidelberg: Spektrum Akademischer Wiki johnson. Google Scholar Schubert, S.

Effect of low pH of the root medium on proton release, growth, and nutrient uptake of field beans (Vicia faba). Einfluss der kaliumdynamik im wurzelnahen boden auf die Mgaufnahme von pflanzen. Potential use ab review rare earth oxides as tracers of pots disease matter in grassland.

Nitrogen supply to cereals and sugar beet by mass flow and diffusion on a silty loam soil.



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